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What alcohol does not contain sulfur dioxide?

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Alcoholic Beverage
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Concern by girlwithquestions: What alcohol does not contain sulfur dioxide?
My pal is allergic (breaks out into hives) when consuming wine and champagne. Exactly what alcoholic beverage does not consist of sulfur dioxide?

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Answer by Tall Girl
Sulifites are naturally taking place in wines, however there are alot of wineries that include a large amount more to the wine as a preservative. There are numerous wines offered that do not include sulfer dioxide and are made organically or are eco concious. I normally discover mine at Whole Foods, depending on which state you reside in they might not sell wine there, so you can search for more info about sulfites right here:.
and you discover sulfite free of cost wines below:.
and below:.
Frey wine is Organic and Sulfite free of cost.
Likewise ask you regional wine shop if the have any or can get some in for you! There are wines from around the world that are expanded organically, and it truly is the way to choose much better wellness! Good luck!

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