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SONIC HELP! What are all the slushy and different drinks recipe at sonic?

Recipe: Making Horchata
Drink Recipe
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Steps and details to come … from cooking lessons with Senora Soledad, Oaxaca, Mexico

Concern by Funopoly: SONIC HELP! Exactly what are all the slushy and various drinks recipe at sonic?
I simply started today at sonic and I need assist with the best ways to make all the slushes and the not call brain drinks like ocean water or purple organism or ect. Please assist !!!

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Response by Jenga
I’m baffled, why isn’t this part of your training? Why do not you ask your supervisor instead of random people on the internet? The slushies are just ice and syrup, surely you were advised on the best ways to integrate them and exactly what they are contacted the menu.

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