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Looking for a good punch or Wap. recipe?

Question by SAS: Looking for a good punch or Wap. recipe?
My friend is having a party for her 25th birthday next weekend and I need a good recipe for drinks. Its suppose to be a hot summer day so we were thinking Slushie or Wap…. Mix any ideas????
Wapatuli?? I think this is how you spell it. I believe it is a lot of different liquors mixed together with fruit but I really don’t know.

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Answer by Pissed off
wat the hell is a wap?

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One Response to “Looking for a good punch or Wap. recipe?”

  1. June 11, 2013 at 10:19 am #

    Try a “White Angel” You only need orange juice, Bacardi, vanilla ice cream and champagne. The recipe you could find here:

    Or try a “Whopatooli” You need 1 bottle rum, 1 bottle vodka, 2 l sprite, 2 l Ginger Ale, 4 oranges and 4 lemons for this punch. Have a look at for the recipe.

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