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I need a reciepe for cocktail winnies with chillisauces?

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Like a rollodex for cocktail dishes.

Concern by The Family: I require a reciepe for cocktail winnies with chillisauces?
I such as the recipe that uses grape jelly and chilli sauce however everywhere I look doesn’t state how
numerous ounces of winnies to make use of. I searched in the shop and they are available in different ounces. Also
would such as to understand the number of people it serves.

Finest response:

Answer by Emu
1 lb. beef franks
10 oz. container grape jelly
1 sm. jar chili sauce (or 3/4 c. mustard).

Mix jelly and chili sauce in crock pot. Cut franks into bite size pieces. Put into jelly mix, prepare on high 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Serve on reduced with toothpicks.

This recipe makes use of the routine size wieners. If you want to use the cocktail size just go by the weight using the above recipe for each 1 lb. of wieners. I would anticipate to serve 10 people from this, if it is for an appetiser. If it is a meal then I would serve 5 from it.

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