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How to make a russelrita from Margaritas restaurant?

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Question by Melinda: How to make a russelrita from Margaritas bistro?
I was at Margaritas last week and the waitress informed us that the russelritas are made with the tequila increased which is strawberry flavored. So that offers it the creamy and strawberry flavored part and it likewise has a raspberry taste, does anyone understand the precise recipe? If not would you recommend a raspberry mixer to make use of? Should I add more tequila? I’m gonna experiment anyways but planning to see if anyone has any great ideas prior to I make a mess in the kitchen area lol

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Answer by Sundeep
If you have heard individuals recommend to some one that they visit a bar and ask the bartender for help you know why now, since its excellent suggest. Unless an individual worked bench they/we don’t understand the recipe of a signature drink. However if you patronize bench you can not just view but pick the bartenders mind about the drink. Don’t be too pushy. One reason is since they are hectic and the second is that they should not give away the company keys.

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