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How long after donating blood can I drink Alcohol?

Stay Thirsty, My Good friends … Image by Prayitno / more than 1.5 millions views: thank you! New York’s Landmark Pub New york city City, NY Concern by: How long after contributing blood can I drink Alcohol?
So this weekend, tomorrow, im planning on getting hammered for my 21st birthday but i donated blood the other day night. They show to get hydrated
and not to drink Liquors after donation however it doesn’t state for exactly how long i need to wait. Any
one has an idea how long i need to wait after donation to drink beer liquor or any Alcohols?

Thanks Finest answer: Response by Artemisc You can drink as soon as you’re done providing blood, however the results will be more noticable. Drink in moderation(like you constantly must)and you’ll be fine. Include your own response in the comments!

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